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WELCOME! You’ll be glad to know that in selecting RapidKill, you will have chosen the best in neighborhood pest control service. We’re happy to assist you and we take the responsibility of caring for them seriously. If you have questions about applications, we’ll do our best to get those questions answered. Doing whatever it takes to make certain you are satisfied with our service – that’s our goal.

We began our operation since inception in 1993, specializing in providing a comprehensive range of professional, flexible and cost-effective intensive monitoring programme and preventive pest stop services that comply with all current safety and environmental standards…

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“Rapid Kill did a great job for my house. My house is termite free now!”

Pests can bring in diseases.

Many of today’s known diseases are passed from animals to humans. And the pests lurking in a home are the most common culprit. So keep your family safe and healthy. Make sure that your home is free from these uninvited dwellers.


Pests degrade the value of a home.

Regardless if you’re thinking of selling your home or living in it permanently, you have to maintain it very well. Pests can deteriorate your home faster than you can imagine. And always remember that nobody wants to buy a pest-infested home.


Feel safe in your own corner.

Pests are unwanted guests. And if they stay for a long time, they become unwanted housemates. Never agree to pests as housemates. At their first sign, clear them all up. All you need to do is call a pest control Malaysia experts to do the job.

Looking for pest control services in Malaysia? Why choose us?

Pests have no place in your home. So never share it with them. At the first sign of pests, be sure to call a pest control service provider that you can trust. And find the one who can do the job effectively in half the time. Hire us to assure yourself of total peace of mind.

RapidKill Pest Control Service has been around since 1993, helping homes and offices to keep their premises pest-free. We are certified and licensed member of prestigious pest control organizations such as the Kementerian Pertanian Dan Industri Asas Tani Malaysia, Jabatan Pertanian, and the esteemed Pest Control Association Malaysia.

RapidKill offers customized pest stop services for every industry. They have special equipment and facilities for major economic players such as the manufacturing industry, commercial and trade, education, building and construction, property management, public agencies, and all the rest. We guarantee the effectiveness of every pest stop solution that they use to eradicate all unwanted life forms in your property.

RapidKill puts the highest focus on safety. Only highly trained pest control technicians are set out on the field to work with toxic and regulated products. Customers can be sure that all our personnel are well-trained in handling, transporting, and disposing of contaminated waste and materials.

Our pest control technicians are also given continuous learning in order to meet and exceed industry standards. RapidKill maintains an internationally recognized technical team that provides expert support and deliver the latest advancements in pest control innovation.

Those who are looking for pest control services in Malaysia need not look any further. Call us at 03-42969736 to get a free consultation.

Why is pest control an important investment for your home?

Pest control is a major consideration when buying or renting a property. Every structure should be guaranteed to be pest-free; it’s the responsibility of its owner. The common pests that you should never see in homes are cockroaches, termites, ants, and rats. There are many reasons why you should go through the pains of protecting your home from these pests. Here’s some

Pest stop is the investment that you have to make if you love your family and if you value your home so much. These days, it is rather easy to keep pests away from any kind of dwelling place or structure. There are many experts to call and most of them have the full means to assure your safety. Because of them, you can rest well at night knowing that you have people protecting you all the time.

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