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WELCOME! You’ll be glad to know that in selecting RapidKill, you will have chosen the best in neighborhood pest control service. We’re happy to assist you and we take the responsibility of caring for them seriously. If you have questions about applications, we’ll do our best to get those questions answered. Doing whatever it takes to make certain you are satisfied with our service – that’s our goal.


We began our operation since inception in 1993, specializing in providing a comprehensive range of professional, flexible and cost-effective intensive monitoring programme and preventive pest stop services that comply with all current safety and environmental standards…

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If termites are already actively attacking your home, Termidor also provides very effective solutions that will eradicate the termites rapidly and clear the way to install lasting protection.

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Feel safe in your home

Pests are unwanted guests. And if the stay for a long time, the become unwanted housemates. Never agree to pests as housemates. At their first sign, clear them all up. All you need to do is call a pest control Malaysia experts to do the job.


The best preventive action is to termite proof the built-up area of your property by a treatment called PRE-CONSTRUCTION ANTI-TERMITE SOIL TREATMENT and involves the use of termiticide applied into the soil.

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Individuals in the RAPIDKILL team are specifically recruited, hired and trained individuals to form a team capable of delivering the finest pest management and prevention service today and tomorrow.

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