DIY Termite Treatment at Home


DIY Termite Treatment at Home

Termites are actually active all throughout the year, so there isn’t any bad time to start your defence preparation against these wood chewing pests. Moreover if left unchecked they can easily devastate your house. It doesn’t take them a lot of time to chew throughout your home structural beams causing extensive damage. In case you spot any sort of termite infection near a pile of wood next to your fireplace or your crawl space then it is actually a good time to start anti-termite treatment at home. There are some highly effective DIY methods that homeowners can take especially to guard their property. Here in this article, we have listed down some of the most effective ways for termite treatment at home. Read on to know more.

Best DIY Termite Treatment

Remember To Inspect Your Home Foundation Every Season

Remember to take a slow walk all across your home foundation and try looking out for any signs of damage such that you can formulate a plan for termite control. Remember, termites can’t eat concrete but they can obviously make mud tubes which are a possible sign of termite infection trying to scale down your home foundation in search of nice and tasty wood. In case you get a sight of such mud tubes, it is undoubtedly a sign to closely inspect and try out some DIY termite treatment tactics.

Heat Can Easily Kill Termites

Usually, termites are heat sensitive and heat can be a great termite repellant and an easy DIY termite treatment. If you can heat up a termite-infected area to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit, then it can easily cause death to infectious termites. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to take control of termites without using any pesticides.

Try Using Plastic For Storage

Remember cardboard packaging is another big drawback for termites. If you are storing any items in cardboard boxes around your garage or house, you can try replacing them with plastic bins. Furthermore, if you are storing cardboard for recycling, make sure that it is placed in a recycle bin and not just piled up here and there.

Make Use Of Repellent Termiticide Especially On Safe Wood Structures

Repellent termiticides help in protecting wood that hasn’t been located by termites. Try using it especially around, wooden structures, fences, decks, sheds, or other similar structures especially to prevent termites from discovering them.

Use Borates

Sodium borate, commonly known as borax powder can easily kill termites near your home. You can try to sprinkle the powder all around the termite-infested area or even mix it with water and spray all around the spaces that you believe to be infested. Remember if you are using this method, make sure to reapply the solution such that it can penetrate more into the termite colony.


Remember termites hate sunlight. They can also die if they are too much exposure to bright sunlight or heat. In case you are having furniture that you suspect to be infested by termites, you can try dragging it out and bake in the sun for a bit. In the months of summer, it wouldn’t take too long for all the unwanted pests to be free from your furniture. Moreover, if you find termites in your house structures, and you can’t drag your beams out in the yard, make sure to set up UV lights to shine on the area in order to get the best results.

This DIY list can actually help in termite treatment at home. In case you need more support from the professional, feel free to get in touch with us!