Termite Service

Termite Service

Stop Termite Infestation With Our Termite Service

Termites are living on this Earth before the evolvement of ants, wasps, mosquitoes, etc. They are seen as the ancestors living on the Earth for ages. With over 2,800 species, they are known to cause property damage of over RM40,000 in Malaysia. The species found here feeds on cellulose-based materials like wood that make your home an ideal meal for them. You can find the colonies feeding on woods and soil beneath the property. The termite infestation can lead to serious falls or accidents if you are unaware of the loss it is causing to the woods. To avert these problems, take the termite service from RapidKill. We are reputed pest control and termite control solution providers in Kuala Lumpur. Right from monitoring these termites to baiting and treating them, we do everything. Our sole aim is to protect your property.

How Do We Control Termites At Your Home?

Step-1: We will inspect your whole property and identify the termite colonies. This will help us to carry out deep planning. The main types of species we particularly treat are the subterranean species that are mostly found in Malaysia.

Step-2: After extensive planning, we will now carry out the termite service on your property. Our team will carry out termite baiting and liquid termiticide treatment to evade the termite colonies as a whole.

Step-3: We will make sure to visit your property for follow-up treatment to check for any termite infestation. RapidKill follows the proactive approach to evade these termites as a whole from your home.

Termite Service

Get Peace Of Mind With Our Termite Extermination!

RapidKill provides suitable solutions to control the pest issues at your property. As homes are easy targets for termites, we make sure to provide the highest quality services at cost-effective rates. Get in touch with us today.