Xterm Termite Baiting System

Xterm Termite Baiting System Malaysia

The Top Termite Control System

We are Rapidkill Pest Control, a termite baiting system Malaysia-based agency offering the new-age solution to the age-old problem of termite infestation. We have come up with a complete termite eradication process that removes all colonies of termites from the depths of the building’s foundations.

Home Service

Our solution has been in demand since day one. Our professionals will visit you and install the bait station indoors and outdoors. The main objective is to remove the termites from your home and keep it safe for your family, elders, kids, and pets too.

Business Premises

A termite infestation can be a big attack on your reputation among your clients. Also, too heavy an infestation can cause the foundations to weaken with time. It is, ergo, a necessity, to say the least, for you to call us right away!

In-Ground System

Our termite baiting system Malaysia-based requires us to install the baiting stations indoors and outdoors. These have cellulose pellets in them, which attract termites. Once they eat and take it to their nests and breeding grounds, they share it with their nest-mates. It eases the termite removal process.
termite baiting system

Why XtermTM Termite Baiting System Malaysia?



We prefer to keep the Bait System above the ground without drilling any holes or cavities unnecessarily. We may even use other spots around the building that are dug already. It means you can say goodbye to any big installations or drilling on walls.


Instant reporting

Get instant scanning and reports of the level of termite infestation with advanced applications. Our teams will help you in real-time and can remove, as well as to replace the filters when it traps a reasonable number of termites effectively.


Proven efficiency

We have a proven record of removing termites from the premises and having robust customer feedback. The effective removal of termites is what makes us at the top of the league. Our tracker gives a clear idea of the current status of the termites deep underground.


fast responses

Using XtermTM Termite Baiting System, you can expect speedy extermination of these termites in just 4 to 6 weeks. It is by far the fastest removal of the stubborn termite infestation.


environmentally friendly

Our commitment extends to keeping the environment safe as we remove the termite colonies. Our Sumiatma Chemical formula effectively removes without causing any problem to the elders, pets, and kids.